About Us

Progressive Yamhill (formerly Action Together Oregon: Yamhill Valley) was created in November, 2016, as a local chapter of what was envisioned to be a state-wide group called ‘Action Together Oregon’. Over the last year, the network of chapters has not developed as envisioned, and the central organizing body of ATO has decided to focus on continuing to run the Pantsuit Nation Oregon Chapter group, with it’s 10,000 members. Progressive Yamhill had decided to continue on as an independent group, remaining focused only on Yamhill County.

Progressive Yamhill is made up of engaged residents and friends of Yamhill Valley who believe in developing a community that both respects and creates equity, inclusion, safety and freedom from fear & hate for all. Our purpose is to educate & inform, and to actively participate in the creation of a local climate in support of these beliefs.

We can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/progressiveyamhill/

We can be reached via email at: progressive.yamhill@gmail.com